Rouhollah Hosseini



Professor at the University of Tehran, Rouhollah Hosseini (Atash) heads the Department of European Studies. Founder and president of the National Film School of Iran, he is also a founding member and editor of the monthly French-language art and culture magazine, La Revue de Téhéran, where he has introduced many contemporary Persian poets.

Galaxies, Me, God and You is the name of his first stories published by Khâmoosh Puplication, in 2017. He has also published at Editions Harmattan, Paris, a contrastive study of the work of Albert Camus and that of Sadegh Hedayat. An avid reader of French literature, Atash has also given birth, in 2019, to a collection of short stories entitled The Waves and Seas, with Negah Publication. His second novel, I too am Caught by the Corona, has just been published by Logos Publication, Tehran.