Reza Ghasemi



Reza Ghassemi (1950) is an Iranian musician, playwright and novelist. He plays the Iranian traditional musical instrument Setar. He has founded a band with which he tours around the word and has composed some memorable music tracks for well-known Iranian traditional singers. He has written and stages many plays first of which was at the age of eighteen. Before the Islamic revolution his plays won prestigious awards in Iran, but after the revolution they were banned from the theater. This, among other reasons, encouraged him to immigrate to France where he pursued his career as a musician and writer with more freedom. He gradually distanced from theater and focused on his music and writing fiction. His first novel appeared quite late in his life in 1995. He has published three novels so far. Some of his works have been translated into French and were quite well-received among French reader. The Spell Chanted by Lambs is his fist work in English.