Mandana Davarkia, Iranian translator and journalist holing Mastery in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation and translation has been graduated from University of Applying Science in Tehran.

She also holds Distinguished Diploma in news writing and journalism from London School of Journalisn.

She is a journalist, writer, translator and English teacher and worked as an English language journalist and translator in the English section of Iran Jam-e-Jam newspaper for many years.

Her first book, News Terms in English entitled “News Dic” was published by Iran Newspaper in 2014.

Her second book, “Haunted in Milak”, the translation of “Ghadambekheir was my Grandmother written by Yousef Alikhani” has been published in 2017 by Candle & Fog Publishing House.

She is also a strong activist in the field of environment and has written many essays in this regard.

She has been among the 30,000 people who signed the letter handed over to US Congress  regarding action against Global Warming.

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