Each short story is a research about existence; a non-definitive and complete one, but if it reaches to the tipping point of the

literature, it would create a mirror that everyone can see himself and his own image of the world in it. All stories in this collection have a world of their own, and yet; a hidden exclusive vision at the bottom layers that connect them all together. Each of these short stories have a different experience facing with a simple or large public concept and writer have tried to rediscover all these concerns and  associate them in a tale. The author of this story was born in Iran and lived and wrote there. Stories of a country with terrible stormy events in its contemporary history; a narration that is a reflection of such devastating events: revolution, wars and social destruction and more can be found in the theme and even the structure of these stories. An attempt of a human being who tries to shoot himself out from the rubble and bloom.

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