Saeid Ramezani – poet, professor, writer of scholarly articles, and director of literary periodicals was born in Tehran, Iran in 1974. He has a B.S. in Mathematics and a Masters in Communications Engineering. Since his childhood he has had an indescribable affinity for poetry, literature and stories of metaphysical wisdom. This interest blossomed into an unparalleled talent which resulted in the legacy of his great works. Generally, his poetic style is a combination of traditionalism and modernism by his utilization of contemporary terminologies preferred today within the framework of a traditional style, thereby giving new color and fragrance to the eastern mysticism of the past while shining upon it a fresh new light, for today’s culture.

At the age of twenty he compiled and published his first work entitled “Exile to the Country of Silence” in the style of classical literary prose on mysticism which was a philosophical story of the creation of man and the universe in a rhythmical, elegant, serious, melodic voice which evoked the praises of many.

Then at the age of twenty five, he wrote a collection of contemporary, mystical, love poetry entitled “The Dawn of Silence”. He then discovered a passion for classical poetry and has since written four collections of forty lyric poems entitled, “Alone in the Wilderness”, “Open Sails”, “A Willow Captive of the Wind”, “Songs of No Tomorrow” as well as a book of contemporary, classic, post-modernism quatrains entitled, “Who Calls For Me.”

Internationally, he has written two poetry collections which were translated into English entitled, “At Night Alone on the Island” and “Stillness in a Storm” which consist of 120 neoclassical, postmodern, surreal lyric poems. Saeid Ramezani is currently working in literary cooperation with Anshela Werner, a well-known Ukrainian poet and her husband Matthias Werner, on a book of poems.

Another book of Saeid Ramezani has been published entitled “Articles” which includes thirty scholarly articles he wrote on mystic literature which were published in previous years. He is an adjunct professor at the National College of Literature in Armenia and the National University at Istanbul, and teaches students in the Persian academy.

He has written his first novel entitled, “Eliah” as one of the most romantic love stories of modern times, which combines literary depth with the wisdom of the mystics, politics, history, religion, spirituality, ethics and society in a universal language and modern style which will soon be published by Candle and Fog Publishing.

Many masters of poetry and literature call him the modern Sanaei, Attar, Mowlana, Saadi or Hafez in the current era. Today’s generation considers him a pioneer of neoclassical poetry. His poetry has also been endorsed by UNESCO.


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