Erfan Nazarahari has been delighting Iranians of all ages with her short stories and poetry since 1998. In order to introduce her delightful works to the international world, Caroline Croskery has translated them into English in a complete collection entitled We Are All Sunflowers. Simple yet profound, Erfan Nazarahari’s  works are rooted in the spiritual Iranian mysticism of Attar, Sanai, Abu Saeed, and most notably Rumi. In each chapter, Caroline Croskery has translated and organized her stories into themes. In a chapter entitled The Soul of the Earth’s Garden, a grapevine learns that the only way to receive true blessings in life is by bestowing the fruit of her entire summer harvest on others and thereby blessing them. In The Grace of All Creatures, an ant has a conversation with God. The Heart of Humanity shows the struggles and victories of being human. In the chapter entitled Prophets Hope in Mankind are stories derived from Biblical and Quranic themes. Peace on Earth, God-flavored Tea and Poetry, Stories from Iran, All Girls Are Leili, God is Love, That Inner Strength Called Faith, The Earth, Moon and the Stars, and Heaven is Here, are the other chapter titles in the book. We Are All Sunflowers is a book especially for the young and the old and for all people who delight in a spiritual outlook and finding true meaning in life.

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