Although conceived as part of an historic trilogy, ‘Amineh’ is an independent tale which begins in early 18th century Iran.   What makes this book particularly unique and interesting is that it underlines the role and influence that women can demonstrate in a patriarchal, Muslim society.  Through the eyes of the heroine, Amineh and her remarkable female successors, we are treated to a unique perspective of the events which took place during the Safavi and early Qajar dynasties.

The story is presented within the context of many familiar and well-known historical European events and people but the reader views them as a Persian woman.  Modern-day Iran was born amidst the turmoil of its people and shaped by its interactions with Europe, in particular by its relationship with the Russian Empire.

Mr Behnoud currently works for BBC Persian service as an analyst and has, over the years, come to enjoy a very high profile in Iran, the Iranian community abroad and within the journalistic world.

Behnoud has written a number of books and they have all made their mark on the contemporary literary scene in Iran.

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