Masoud Behnoud, a prominent Iranian journalist, historian, writer and a film maker, was born on July 27, 1947 in Tehran. He started his work as a journalist in 1964 and worked as an investigating journalist for different newspapers. He founded more than 20 newspapers and magazines. He has published about 1000 essays and commentaries. He also produced and presented programmes for the National Iranian Radio and Television, producing 200 radio programmes 100 TV programs and 40 feature films. Behnoud has written 17 books on the contemporary history of Iran, which are the result of research and study of documents. His trilogy of books, Amineh, Khanoum and The Broken Urn, is aimed at familiarizing the reader with the history of Iran and prominent international events going back to the eighteenth century up to present times. Masoud Behnoud’s debut in the west was the launch of Khanoum, in 2008.