Shohreh Vakili is an Iranian prominent novelist. Her novels have been among the bestselling books and reprinted several times. Simin Daneshvar, a prominent Iranian literary figure, has admired and praised her novel entitled as “My Wedding Night”. Since Daneshvar had a very positive view about “My wedding Night” and as it was her first book review about an Iranian women novelist, Shohreh Vakili’s fame spread to Europe, the United States as well as Australia.

Shohreh Vakili was born in Tehran. She graduated from high school in literature and as she was preparing to take part in university entrance examinations, she married. Vakili taught at school while she was a student. Although her family opposed her study in university, she continued her studies and graduated in judicial law in 1977 from the Faculty of Law at the University of Tehran. Her stories were published in magazines and her writings enjoyed high popularity among readers.

Shohreh Vakili has over 30 great books, all of which have been highly acclaimed, reprinted several times and sold over 100,000 copies in Iran so far.



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